Machinery and Spares


Machinery and Spares

We also import the necessary machinery and spares. We import them form China and Vietnam, the spares are manufactured with high quality precesions machines that will last you for a long time. Call now to know more about our spares. Our spares include, auto feeders, fans, piston, rockets, dyes, motors, bands, mixing machines and many more. Rohit marketing is a one stop solution for all your needs.
Exhaust fan

Industrial Exhaust Fan

High grade powerful Industrial Exhaust fan imported from China has the highest air output volume in the the Industry. Contact us to buy now. Available in 54″ by 54″ outer dia.
bamboo cutter image

Bamboo Cutter

Cut and manufacture your own bamboo sticks with this high quality durable bamboo cutter imported from the best makers in China, all sizes and dia available Contact Us to know more. Hassle free and precise cutting with the sharp edges. Rohit marketing will provide you with the best in the industry. Sizes from 1.3 to 6mm available.

Bamboo Cutting Blade

High rated bamboo cutting blade with carbide tips, used for cutting bamboo sticks and more, dimension 405×3.2/2.5×26.4x160T, with 160 teeth. Contact us to buy now.