Our Industry

Spread across 2 acres of land Rohit marketing makes products like incense sticks(aggarbatties), dhoop sticks, perfumed and non-perfumed incense, we make aggarbattis in all sizes, colors, weight and perfume. The diversity offered is what makes us the best in the industry. We believe customization and providing what the customer wants is the key to great customer satisfaction and healthy business relationship.

Rohit Marketing incense industry:

Employs approximately 50 to 100 workers in aggarbatti manufacturing, making the industry a top manufacturing industry in incense making;

  • Is the leading importer and user of bamboo sticks, aggarbatti manufacturing machinery and allied products, producing around 10 tons every month,
  • Supports the national practices and regulations that have made it possible for us to increase the production amount each day.
  • Is a leader in bamboo stick imports and making premix powder.      
  • Is a significant taxpayer, paying annually.

.Incense sticks manufacturing

Incense manufacturing is our basic field and we have over 50 to 100 employees working each day manufacturing high quality incense of international standards, we manufacture in all lengths, diameters, colors and perfumes. Our products always burn bright and go through quality checking process every hour of the day. We use high powered machines for quick production and powerful fans to dry up the incense evenly and quickly. Our code of ethics is strong and we always stick to it.

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Premix Making

Apart from incense making we also provide industry with our special premix powder that you can use readily in your aggarbatti making machines by pre adding water. We carefully manufacture the premix with the perfect formula to get the best quality incense so that you don’t have to experiment with premix making and your factory can start the manufacturing directly with no worries.

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Machinery and Spares

We import the necessary machinery that is required to manufacture incense our machines are always the best in the industry. We stock our machines and spares in our industry. We get machinery on order, spares like rockets, nozzles, dyes, piston sets, dc motors, drying fans, and sensors are always available. We can also import huge quantity machinery on demand.

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rohit marketing factory
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