Rohit Marketing's Vision

Is to become a class supplier in Incense Sticks Manufacturing, sales of Machines and automation, offering best in class products and services. We believe our continuous drive for excellence and highest standard of work ethics will lead to life-long partnerships with our customers and business associates. 
“We are always here for you!”

ramesh sharma

Ramesh Sharma

Started in the year 2010 by Mr Ramesh Sharma the director of Rohit Marketing, son of Late Mr Mittalal Sharma a hardworking man and a visionary, to set up a successful Pawn business after a lot of struggle in Kolar Gold Fields, same traits were passed to Mr Ramesh Sharma who joined his father in the year 1985 and continued the family business. In the year 2008 planned to expand the business by selecting the niche of Incense Sticks (agarbattis)

Being born in a Brahmin family pooja and divinity always surrounded and stayed with him and he finally decided to start with the same. He started the research and planning in 2008 by visiting Taiwan, Vietnam and China, importing machinery from there. He learnt all the important knowledge and skills related to the incense business and finally set up a small factory in the Land of Gold, he Started small with just 5 labourer he later expanded the cottage industry to an factory.

Mr Ramesh Sharma now has good business relationships and contacts with China, Vietnam and other Asian countries and has gained goodwill and reputation among those suppliers. His dynamic nature and purity is always appreciated. He is a fun and easy going man with big visions and has the strength and intellect to complete them all. A good man who is always ready to grab opportunities and never stops. He always treats his associates and his customers well and is never shy to share his intellect about the business. Loved by all Mr Sharma is expanding his business by providing the highest quality, competitive prices and standards.

Deepak Sharma

Mr Ramesh Sharma’s son Mr Deepak Sharma joined the business after completing his studies and like his fathers is blessed with good intellect and marketing skills. Mr Deepak Sharma takes care of both the marketing and accounting. His active mind and quick decision making skills has always given him an edge while working.

He manages projects from inception to delivery. He understands the synergy between products and commercial effectiveness which shines through on every project.

An innovator who always introduces new ideas and products for business growth.

Problem solver, creative thinker, understands client objectives when working on a project, large or small.

Projects Completed

Numbers increasing everyday.